Personalized College List

Your unique "Scholist 15" features target, reach and safety universities that we believe are the best fit for you.

Tell us what you’re looking for in an ideal university and how you’re performing in school and we’ll generate your list. We’re combining data with a human touch to mimic the best guidance that you can get and we’re sharing it with you.

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process of getting admission in usa universities

What You'll Receive

A snapshot of 15 universities with our assessment of the programs that you should target.

You’ll also have access to detailed profiles of each university and an interactive database where you can add or remove schools from your final list.

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result screen

Detailed college information includes classroom size, financial aid availability, distance to major cities and local weather.


We've helped students make their most important choice of their lives - Picking the perfect college

Nikita Patel

Nikita Patel


Scholist helped me focus on what I truly wanted out of my college experience and gave me a fantastic target list with clear indications of where I’d get in. Took the stress out of the whole experience!

Melissa Wright

Melissa Wright


Thanks for my perfect college list, Team Scholist! You used criteria I truly cared about and saved me so much time and effort in researching colleges!


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